Serial number 

Services description 

Price in € 

Commission for brokering the real estate sale, purchase or trade - up to 4 % of the contract price of the property


Commission for brokering the real estate broadcast or rental - one monthly rent

3. Consultancy in the real estate field - 1 hour 33,00
4. First visit of the real estate (included is overview of the legal and factual situation of real estate, advice on selling prices, ...) 41,00
5. Property view with a third party 25,00
6. Mileage 0,40
7. One day of real estate advertising on websites where the agency is usually advertising 2,00

Acquisition of the various documents required in real estate transactions (land use certificate, location information, approval of the transaction, real estate appraisal ...).

9. Preparation and filling of tax returns (property tax, profits tax) 33,00
10. Composition of documents on derivative transactions and legal facts entry in the land register (all types of contracts, application for entry into land register ...) - valid law or notary fee  


Notes: Price list for the services from serial number 3 to 10 is valid only in the case of agreed additional services, which are not included in commission for brokering or in the case of preliminary termination of brokerage contract or in the case that the costumer alone finds a buyer for the property.

* compensation for the production of documents by issuers is not included