EVANA, posredovanje pri prometu z nepremičninami d.o.o. (EVANA, Brokering in Real Estate Transactions Ltd.)

Real estate agency EVANA deals with the brokering in the sale, purchase, broadcast and rental of real estate.

We find a buyer or a tenant for the property which is obtained in the transmission, we take care of the whole process of sale (rent), from first contact with the buyer until handover of real estate.

We seek the most appropriate and favourable real estate for our clients who would like to purchase or rent real estates.

We advise our clients on all important matters in real estate transactions (real estate offers, price, payment method, tax payment, contract composition, transfer of property right, real estate handover).

We collaborate with lawyer, notary, court appraiser of real estate and financial institutions.

The business of real estate brokerage is performed by a licensed real estate agent.  The company has insured liability for damages with the insurance company, in accordance with the law.

We are committed to a professional, fair, costumer correct and safe work.